Currently, our main focus is in Rwanda, Africa. Specifically Kidaha, a small rural village located in the town of Butare. This small village consists of around 500 members and most are orphaned children and single mothers. It is our goal to change the lives of the people within this community and help build them a bigger and brighter tomorrow.



We are partnering with this village, its village leaders, village pastor and local city leaders and helping them to become sustainable as a community. Our goal is to build stronger relationships with the village leaders and help them build their community through the use of a well structured sustainability plan.

Educational Seminars held each month

Educational Seminars held each month


Educational seminars (Group and individual):

    •      Training for Village Leaders

    •      Health and Hygiene Education

    •      Water Purification training (Thanks to donor Rwanda Hugs)

  • Water Bio-sand filters (Thanks to donor Rwanda Hugs)

  • Perma-gardens and Perma-garden training (Thanks to donor Rwanda Hugs)

    •      Water transport systems

    •      Solar Electricity

    •      Village Security Training

    •      Rape Prevention Training

    •      Agriculture Development


 Family Sponsorship’s

  • $15 a month (1-year commitment)

  • Relationships between donor and family encouraged (letter writing, encouragement or lessons, pictures and follow-up).

  • Sponsorship’s focus on taking the family to the next level though the process may be slow.

  • Sponsorship’s could include money that goes towards the following:

    • Education classes for high school students, tutoring or mentoring.

    • English lessons

    • life coaching

    • Individual trade training (how to fix cars, plumbing, agriculture development etc).

    • Transportation for free sewing classes or craft classes (basket making, pottery and art).

    • Sports involvement (uniforms, balls etc).

    • Conference attending (if savings allows).

    • Emergency needs (only when needed).

    • Micro-enterprise development.

    • Other creative and desired endeavors that lead to a thriving and sustainable life.

Women in Co-op

Women in Co-op

Micro-enterprise development

  • Co-op encouragement to build unity and trust within groups of people in the community

  • Co-op of 5 members developed

  • Suggested gift of $50 per month to start a co-op in Kiduha is recommended or come alongside single mom co-op group development.

  • Gives a group of individuals the opportunity to grow stronger and rely on others for help.

  • More skills and professions that can benefit each other.

  • Each group is required to have a president, treasurer, and secretary.

  • Each group is required to save 10 cents per week and use the savings for emergencies or investments.

  • Each group is given challenges quarterly to increase their sales, product or education.

  • Each group is given business building opportunities and encouraged to develop business plans and implement them.


“Help a woman, you help the world.”
— Harriet Ingabire

What We've Achieved

  • Distributed over 350 WINGS kits in the last three years

  • Started Rural Village Data collection for Kidahua, Rwanda for 250 villagers

  • Researched fabric stores, treadle machine stores and university's for further education and sustainability programs.

  • Started a mini-microenterprise in Northern Rwanda

  • Beta tested health and hygiene seminars in 4 different locations of Rwanda

  • Started and implemented a tippy tap hand-washing station in Kidahua, Rwanda.

  • Mother’s Co-op started.

  • Started single-mom coop in kiduha now with 7 women added to group.

  • 5 sponsored families.

  • kiduha map project completed.

  • Garden co-op created.

  • Multiple perms gardens in families homes.

  • Multiple bio-sand filters in families homes.