Single Mom’s Co-op’s


It all started when…

We realized that the Rwanda Single Mom Co-op’s were making a great impact in their communities. With a small group of 5-7 women in Rwanda the women are on their way out of poverty.

The thought came into our minds: “Why don’t we do this in America?” As experience being a single mother, Danielle Sarchet, understanding the struggles on the American side of being a single mother decided to start an online single mom co-op in her hometown.

This online single mom co-op would be mirrored after the Rwandan co-ops. There is a president, secretary, and treasurer. They would each donate $6 a month to the co-op and at the end of the month the members of the group would vote on which charity they would like to donate the money towards. Collectively, this money can make a large impact in our community.

The Lynchburg Single Mom’s Co-op is a place of networking, advise, support and empowerment! Together we are growing our communities!

Would you consider a donation to the Lynchburg single mom’s co-op? Your donation would extremely impactful towards empowering our local single mom’s towards sustainability and strengthen the already strong women they are.

Know a single mom who would like to join our Lynchburg Single Mom Co-op? Share our facebook group with them!

Want to start your own single mom co-op in your region? Send us a message and we will send you our co-op application!