photograph provided by Andrew Young

We really want you to join our Beautiful Mess team. Please contact us to learn how you can be involved!



By financially supporting Beautiful Mess Ministries, you are becoming apart of a life changing ministry. Your contribution will make a unique and powerful difference. The impact you make and the lives you bless will prove to make your generous donation worth every penny. 

Giving Levels

$15 -Can sponsor a family for one month.

$35- Can provide mentoring, English classes and transportation for an individual to learn and grow.

$50- Can provide for one educational seminar that affects hundreds of people. Education is power.

$100-Can kick-start a co-op in a village with group training and follow-ups.

$250-Can sponsor a family for a year and provide for two monthly educational seminars for the village.

$500-Can start a micro-enterprise with a co-op. This would include a year mentor ship, start up supplies and business training in gardening, livestock, crafting, sewing or art.

$1,000-Can start a community co-op project that could provide health, safety, education or water purification for the entire village.

*re-curing partners help us to plan better for our village. Will you consider becoming a KIDUHA SUSTAINER and give monthly?

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BMM offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to use their skill sets to impact and make a difference. Listed below is a wide variety of service opportunities that you can become a part of:

  • Sewing items for Rwanda

  • Making crafts to sell for Rwanda

  • Gathering research

  • Searching and writing grants

  • Fundraising

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing

  • Interning

  • Create educational seminars

  • Organizing files and pictures

  • Website upkeep

Volunteer in Rwanda!

  • Starting prices for individual or group trips is $1,100 + air flight and immunizations.

  • Intern in Rwanda

Contact us for more details!