Our Mission

To empower communities locally and in Rwanda, Africa by providing them with the tools necessary to reach their fullest potential as individuals and together as a community.

Our Intent

To Love:

We want to show our love to people in Rwanda by helping provide basic education on a daily, weekly, once a month or yearly basis. This has started in a small village called Kiduha in Rwanda. With amazing partners in-country we put on consistent educational seminars once a month over a range of topics such as health and hygiene, basic first aid, savings and money management, agriculture and livestock development and much more. We believe that education is power and the best way to sustainability is expanding the mind and learning.

To Grow:

We want to help members within Kiduha community and Rwanda grow themselves as individuals and as families. In order to do this we created family sponsorship’s where we connect a donor to a family and help walk that family towards sustainability. With our family sponsorship we do not meet basic needs, rather, we attempt to rise the family to the next level if effort and desire is shown on their part to get out of poverty. Instead of paying for food, shelter, clothing, medical cards and other things we invest in a child’s high school education or special tutoring classes. If the husband is interested in learning how to be a plumber we can pay for his training. If a woman wants to learn how to do basket weaving we can pay for her transportation to get to classes etc. This gives us freedom to be creative and hands on and encourages our donors to be more involved in the growth of the family they sponsor.

To Empower:

We intend to help empower individuals and families in Kiduha Village and Rwanda to achieve and succeed. We are working to reach this goal through sustainability projects and micro-enterprise startups. These initiatives work as stepping stones towards building a stronger community that provides members with the ability to thrive in life. Our efforts to accomplish this goal include offering one-on-one and group educational seminars as well as facilitating co-op sustainability groups that will help to cultivate meaningful relationships among community members.

Vision Statement

We desire a world where underprivileged communities are connected through a network
of programs that foster long term development and prosperity.

Values Statement


Individual Empowerment:

We are seeking to empower individuals first through direct and long-term support. This
means providing for educational access and bring hope to individuals and families who have lost belief in themselves. We seek to empower these individuals through
education, mentoring and walking alongside them in their lives.


Sustainable Community:

A sustainable community begins with the individual person. Through reaching the
individual, we can empower them to reach others. Our rural village development and
sustainability startups provide opportunities for education, entrepreneurship and


Global Partnership:

Our ministry provides people around the world the opportunity to help those in need.
Through family sponsorship, donations, and volunteering, we act as the hands and feet of
Christ. This chain reaction extends throughout Rwanda and into the rest of the world. You help and inspire one person, you could be inspiring hundreds more.